The Top Twelve Token ICOs For Explosive Growth In 2018

Top ten ICO 2018

The cryptocoin token market is having a rough time right now with the late 2017 cratering of Bitcoin’s price, and most of the rest of the major cryptocurrencies along with it. However, even before this bubble burst happened and still now as the market resettles to a new position, a whole new and potentially vast crop of unique tokens has been sprouting up across the world in the form of what are now called ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings. in 2017, roughly $4 billion dollars was raised via ICOs, and analysts are predicting that this figure will hit or even pass $20 billion in 2018. In other words, regardless of cryptocoin price variations, ICOs as an applied investment vehicle probably aren’t going to disappear.

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Most importantly though, while many of these new ICOs have been either failures or even outright scams, others have taken off like rockets, yielding investment returns for their backers on a scale that makes even the growth of Bitcoin almost seem conservative in comparison. To name just a few examples, the following fairly recent Initial Coin Offerings have delivered the following yields to their investors in 2017 alone:

  • 823,750% in DubaiCoin
  • 75,063% in Cryptonite
  • 59,577% in Influxcoin
  • 13,595% in FastCoin
  • 11,328% in Decred coins
  • 8,313% in MediterraneanCoin
  • 8,294% in Quark
  • 7,477% in Golem coins
  • 6,792% in WorldCoin
  • 6,045% in MaxCoin

As you can see, these are fantastic returns, of the kind that could make an investor earn millions even off small initial buy-ins. That same opportunity will only grow in 2018 and that’s what we want to discuss just a bit further down. First however, the basics:

What Exactly Is An ICO?

Now, before we go into further analysis of the above and into our own listing of the most powerful ICOs for 2018, let’s pause for a moment to define exactly what an Initial Coin Offering essentially is.

Your average ICO consists of what is usually a minimally regulated way for a company or organization to raise money by creating a stockpile of crypto tokens (much like units of Bitcoin or Ethereum) which represent value units in the underlying business model of the company in most cases. A percentage of these tokens is then offered to potential investors through a pre-sale offering in which the individual tokens are sold off for a fixed and usually reduced price. Later, the tokens are often offered up to the general public on cryptocurrency exchanges, where it’s expected that their price will grow based on how the coin/token market responds to them. Most ICOs take presale purchases of their own tokens in the form of either fiat currency (US dollars, Euros, etc) or in exchange for other established tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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It’s also worth noting that the usual policy for most ICO startups is to offer a refund policy on tokens if the overall ICO project fails to meet its funding objectives. In other words, if an ICO tokensale doesn’t raise the funds it was supposed to raise for the startup or company behind it, the money paid into the token sale by investors is returned to them, at least in theory, if not always in practice.

Now, aside from whatever the startup doing an ICO is actually planning on creating with the funds raised through their coin offering, the token they release can also take on its own speculative market value if it ends up going to the wider token exchange markets, AND if enough people start buying and trading it. This is usually where the huge returns we mentioned above come into play, especially for investors who bought the ICO tokens when they were available on pre-sale and still being sold off at their lowest probable price. Not all tokens issued through ICOs go on to be sold over the crypto exchange markets. Some are sold in a limited time pre-sale offer for strictly internal use and with that their public availability ends.

What The ICO Market Can Mean For You

Now that you’ve got the basic idea of an ICO sorted out, let’s move back for a bit to the spectacular 2017 ICO returns we listed above.

Essentially, while the above are truly impressive and unusual cases, numerous other more “conservative” ICOs have also yielded their own slightly less spectacular but still stunning returns on investment. With these much more numerous ICOs, hundreds of percentage points of ROI are far from uncommon in very short periods of time. In other words, the numbers speak for themselves, and if you’ve missed out on some of the huge crypto-coin booms such as those of the ever-famous Bitcoin, or Ethereum and so forth, the flood of new initial coin offerings that are still cropping up at an ever increasing scale moving into 2018 are basically your best new opportunity for some truly immense profits.

An obvious and very serious caveat also really bears mentioning now: Almost all ICOs are EXTREMELY speculative ventures practically by default, and especially those being done by newly minted startups that have no established business model to back up their underlying value. Most ICOs so far are being done by companies like this so obviously enough, the phrase “buyer beware” applies through and through with your money.

Furthermore, the ICO market as a whole is highly unregulated and failures do outnumber successes, with more than a few outright scams sprinkled in among them. Even for reputable Initial Coin Offerings that take off beautifully in their first days, a crash or at least stagnation can easily be around the corner. This might happen because the organization behind any of these ICOs simply failed at what it promised or the crash could happen because the token exchange market (much like the stock or commodities markets) simply decided to crush a given token into the ground.

It almost goes without saying that ICOs built for the sake of something with some real utility value are much more likely to actually stay stable and offer long-term profits to an investor. But even for these, getting in from somewhere near the ground up, such as during the beginning of the ICO or even better, during a presale, when they’re at their cheapest, is pretty much the best way there is of creating something like a secure ROI.

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With the above said, we can now move onto the ICOs that we think are most likely to give you exactly the blend of fantastic returns and stable long-term value in 2018 and beyond. We obviously can’t promise that any of the following are going to come anywhere near delivering the astronomical returns of the 2017 blockbusters we listed above but we can be reasonably sure that they’ll deliver the best possible coin market chance of making whatever you invest in them grow better than it would in any stock market selection.

Some of these ICOs have already finished up as pre-sale offerings and are now only available via a token exchange, others are still available for pre-sale or on the way.

The Top ICOs Of 2018 Ranked

The first several selections in the following list are ranked as our top picks because they’re the most reliable of the bunch. Further down though, you can find a few of the somewhat more speculative ICOs of 2018 so far

The Major 2018 ICO Picks


Cypherium is easily one of the major ICO picks of 2018 to-date. Not only is the startup behind it run by a team of engineers and other talents from some of today’s biggest tech giants, such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft, the platform behind this particular ICO is also highly scalable and flexible. The Cypherium ICO works around a “blockchain platform based on proof-of-work and using a hybrid Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance/Proof of Work mechanism to enable lightning-fast transaction processing to provide optimal scalability”…. In normal people’s terms, this means that Cypherium wants to build a new, better, bigger and more scalable blockchain to eventually replace the existing and, arguably crappier Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains that are already suffering from certain fault tolerance problems and as a result creating slower and pricier transaction costs for their actual users.

In other words, the people behind the CYpherium ICO are damned ambitious. However, they also tick all the right boxes for being capable of actually pulling this project off. Here we’re talking about skilled, well-connected corporate talent, skilled cryptography experts and founders with a solid history of experience in BlockChain technologies.

You can find Cypherium’s ICO details and Whitepaper here.

GRAM (Telegram)

Cypherium might be ambitious, but GRAM, the ICO backed by none other than mobile messaging app giant Telegram is quite possibly one of the most hyped ICOs of 2018. Whatever its long-term fate might be, one thing you can be nearly sure of is that this ICO’s tokens are going to have some explosive attention from the public, and that usually translates into serious price growth. For starters, there’s the simple fact that Telegram itself is already one completely established startup, with some 200+ million monthly users for its highly encrypted instant messaging application. In other words, if the TON token were to take off and be integrated with the Telegram app as a sort of parallel personal wallet that’s incentivized by Telegram app downloads, the token itself would become one of the world’s most widely used crypto currencies in no time.

Unlike some of the names on this list, Telegram is already big, well known and a highly stable player in the digital world. It’s act of creating an ICO token like GRAM comes as close as possible to guaranteeing high growth for early buyers. On the other hand, from what we’re seeing so far, the GRAM ICO is being offered up only to a more rarified market of accredited investors, who can show that they’re capable of coughing up at least half a million dollars in disposable funds. In other words, so far at least, tough luck for the little guy, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that GRAM won’t grow hugely when or if it reaches the main crypto exchanges.

You can check out the details of GRAM and its white paper…. Nowhere reliable. A copy of it hasn’t been revealed to the wider public. Supposed leaked versions are available out there, but their authenticity hasn’t been confirmed so we’re not linking to any.

Kodak One

That’s right, Kodak, the decades-old company behind an entire history of photographic magic and later a near failure as the world moved itself over to digital cameras and recording mediums, is also doing its own ICO. To pull this off, the company will be using a SAFT structure or a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens. So no Bitcoin style blockchain technology at work in this case.

Now, while Kodak hasn’t exactly been the luckiest company in the world as far as its core business model goes, they at least do have 130 years of professional history to back up anything they do, and in the often shifty, unstable world of crypto startups, that kind of history carries a plenty of punch. In a similar vein to the Telegram ICO we mentioned above, the Kodak One initial coin offering (as it’s being called), is being put on offer under some rather strict conditions with SEC supervision, in which investors have to be accredited and capable of showing sufficient financial solvency to handle risky investments.

That said, as far as ICOs go, the Kodak One token could be a very solid performer even if we don’t expect it to reach 1000%+ returns of the kind that much more luck-reliant smaller ICOs can pull off. Interestingly, right after its January 9th, 2018 announcement of their ICO plans, Kodak stock shares leapt up from $3.1 dollars to over $11 in just a single day. Growth worthy of a crypto coin in other words. They however fell again in the wake of further announcements by Kodak that it would be delaying its coin offering so it could further formalize the selection process for 40 thousand potential select investors.

The Kodak ICO crypto token details are available here.


NEX is a NEO-based ICO that’s being created for the NEX decentralized exchange for cryptographic trades and service payments. Basically, NEX is working to provide a faster and more complex trade platform for the growing economy in digital cryptographic and cryptocoin services as they evolve down the road. The NEX platform itself already has an exceptionally high trade volume and offers order types of a type rarely found on many other decentralized crypto exchanges for crypto assets. In other words, the NEX (Ne Exchange) platform is hoping to be the future of how crypto tokens and other assets are moved around the world among companies and people. Also importantly, the five co-founders of the NEX platform are all developers with solid reputations and backgrounds in software design for Fortune 500 companies and Alexa 500 websites.

What makes NEX unique is that it’s actually backed by a solid if slightly more complex-than-normal idea and the platform already has a solid footing in the world of crypto currencies. For their impending ICO, this could mean some explosive ROI being directed towards early buyers of the tokens that are coming. The hard cap for the NEX ICO is set at $25 million dollars and the starting date of the ICO is still up in the air. You can gab more details and their whitepaper from the NEX site itself, here.


Quite possibly one of the longest running ICO’s of them all, the EOS token was first unveiled in mid-2017 by Dan Larimer, founder of other major platforms Bitshares and Steem. This ICO is still ongoing nearly a year after its opening and the EOS token is still moving around in some very interesting ways. What makes it a unique investment possibility is the simple fact that it’s both extremely competitive in its concrete transaction-processing related mechanics (beating even Ethereum in how many confirmations and distributed application uses it can handle) and at the same time fairly cheap right now at just over $5 dollars at the time of this writing. This means that EOS has the potential to hit some major growth by the time the ICO finally ends in June of 2018 and beyond that. We could even see the EOS token reach above $50 by year’s end. 10X investment returns for what really is a concrete piece of cryptocurrency technology is nothing to ignore.

All the details of what EOS represents, as well as its Whitepaper, can be found here.


The freelance economy is simply huge in todays connected world, and Experty is trying to position itself in a way that makes their token as useful as possible to all those millions of consultants, writers, programmers and other workers who telecommute daily for assorted contract work. The Experty ICO is in other word, based on one truly solid market demographic.

In basic terms, what Experty wants to do is create a vast decentralized space in which both consultants (or other types of freelancers, because we all know these things can evolve in unexpected directions) and the clients who need their services can work with each other in real time while also being able to handle payments right inside the same platform with an instant crypto token-based payment structure. The Experty tokens that will be used for handling these payments can then rapidly be converted off to other crypto assets or into fiat through an exchange, thus cutting third parties like the very arguably shitty Paypal platform right out of the loop.

There is tremendous potential in Experty and we could see its token grow enormously once the platform goes live for sale in 87 days as of this writing, on June 30th, 2018 at 2pm. You can get the whitepaper and find out how to buy Experty tokens right here while they’re still extremely cheap right here. Right now, the token has grown by over 7% in just 24 hours.


Thor is essentially a new type of token for the gig economies of today. Designed to make handling and sorting of payments for gig work as quick, lean and easy as possible, the Thor platform and its token aim to help contractors earn their money more simply, more securely and more fluidly in today’s rapidly digitizing payments world. Now, with this PR-speak aside, what we really like about Thor is the fact that it’s positioning itself right into a major and massively growing new style of economic activity, which is increasingly becoming a part of the working life of hundreds of millions of young people. In other words, the market Thor is latching onto doesn’t lack for potential users of its services or token. Thus, as long as the Thor ICO gains some user traction, it could see some serious growth and ROI for investors.

Thor’s token sale is live right now and has been since March 12th. So now is not at all a bad time to buy into the token if needed. The page and this medium post from one of the company founders describe how to buy Thor and exactly what it’s about.


Coinlancer could be considered a sort of competitor to the Experty ICO we already covered above, mainly because it also aims to provide freelancers and their clients with a cryptocurrency-enabled services trading platform in which payments are made via the Coinlancer (CL) token and can then be exchanged into –according to Coinlancer—20 different major cryptocurrencies. More specifically, Coinlancer utilizes an Ethereum-based smart contract blockchain for its freelancing ecosystem. In doing this, the platform allows both buyers and sellers of services to easily and cheaply handle transactions among each other without having to worry about failed payments, poor service or ridiculous platform provider fees. These things are the case because a sort of meritocratic ratings system is built right into the exchange system of the platform with a peer-review process attached to it for resolving disputes if they arise. Payments are also instant through the platform, via Coinlancer’s token, which can then be converted to other coins rapidly as described above. Furthermore, instead of the 15% to 20% cut that many freelance work platforms take, Coinlancer chops off only 3%, which is reasonable enough to be attractive to millions of potential gig economy users.

The CL token is already trading on some exchanges and selling with plenty of room for growth given the strength of its underlying platform. What makes us rank it lower on this list is the fact that the biggest gains so far already came during the early stages of the ICO. Here’s Coinlancer’s ICO and Whitepaper page.


What makes Auctus so special? Well, quite simply, its core market and location. This is an Ethereum-powered smart-contract platform based in Switzerland with a mission to convert retirement savings plans into blockchain secured diverse investment portfolios which blend conventional assets with the dynamism and ROI potential of assorted crypto coins. Then of course, there’s Auctus’s own token being thrown into the mix. To quote the organization’s own PR wording:

“Auctus’ mission is to put the retirement saver back in control by offering access to optimized portfolios of bonds, stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Enabling well informed decisions, by using blockchain to increase transparency and automation, and ultimately increase trust towards the chosen retirement plan.”

On the one hand, you might be tempted to dismiss the idea of highly speculative cryptocoins being peddled to people in search of stable retirement plans as a viable business model, but someone being conservative on investment options doesn’t necessarily make them tech-averse, especially if the technology in question is delivered to them in the most risk-free, transparent way possible. This is what Auctus is attempting to do, and considering the vast population of near-retirees and retirees worldwide who would like to spice up their investment portfolios, the Auctus ICO might just be a long term success.

This ICO is still fully open as of this writing and full details about it, including its Whitepaper and list of corporate sponsors, can be found here.


The hotel booking and travel lodging industry is pretty much immense and while it advances nicely enough to keep up with modern technology, there’s plenty of room for revolutionary improvement. Any company that can deliver that in a way that consumers and hotels love gigantic room for growth. Trippki is very aware of this and their platform seeks to do just that through blockchain technology, with a token-based rewards platform that delivers a “better relationship between hotels and their guests”, with value sharing between those two sides of this equation.

In pulling this off, Trippki’s premise is pretty simple. Once a guest completes a hotel stay, they basically get a kickback from the Trippki-affiliated hotel in question through the platform’s upcoming crypto token, called TRIP. These are basically reward point tokens that can then be spent, exchanged or moved however a hotel guest wants since the expectation is that they’ll be convertible to other major crypto coins on certain exchanges. In other words, instead of your usual, tired, limited hotel points systems of old, you as a guest would be getting a usable asset that might grow in value and is easily going to be convertible to real money just for the pleasure of having stayed at a particular place. To make things a bit cooler, the TRIPs given out are recorded in a blockchain ledger that associates them with given clients, letting these guests build a reputation with hotels and thus improving their benefits.

The Trippki ICO is still on the way and we like its premise, meaning that it could have particular growth value in the gigantic industry it’s aiming to serve. Here’s their Whitepaper & FAQ page.


What’s NAU all about? Well in the briefest possible terms, it’s a digital coupon token that’s designed to reward users of the platform with material rewards for participating in what serves as a sort of large advertising exchange. The reward medium? You guessed it, crypto tokens. According to startup CEO Yaroslav Shakula, the NAU platform delivers the not at all new mechanism of digital product and service coupons but does so with the edge of them “imagined in a totally different way”.

The fundamental point of NAU is to create a closer relationship between customers and retailers with said coupons and most importantly, reward both in a mutually beneficial way that encourages use and actually makes everyone involved participate eagerly and willingly, with incentives driving them. This is a lot more than can be said about most online product advertising and it might just have some serious traction as this particular ICO develops down the remaining days of 2018 and into next year.

All the details about the NAU ICO can be found here and the launch is in its public token sale phase right now, with the possibility of token investment growth being a definite thing when the platform launches (a thing that’s still scheduled).


If there’s one business that’s always huge on the web today and on the crypto coin landscape in a smaller version, it’s sports betting. Not only does this industry adapt damn fast to new technologies, it also manages to create lots of profitability when done right. With FansUnite, we’re looking at a company that gives all the impressions we like of doing things right with a sports betting ICO and their own not-yet-released tokens, which will be known as FANS.

The basic premise of the FansUnite token and platform is that they will allow for trustless smart contract-based betting in a binding, reliable way through their Ethereum-based FANS tokens and associated technologies. Transparency and extremely good odds are also being promised with margins of 1% or less being another tasty promise from the company. Payments through the FansUnite platform will be handled via the FANS tokens, and these will in turn be exchangeable for major crypto currencies. There’s no guarantee of success here but the online sports betting market is going nowhere but up in long terms growth projections and most crucially in this case, the FansUnite ICO is the best looking token solution we’ve seen so far in this industry.

The FANS ICO hasn’t even started according to their token sale & whitepaper page, so this one in particular could be a great opportunity for investors looking to start from the ground up.

A Final Word

So there you have them, our picks for the most reliable and promising looking token ICOs of 2018 so far. We’re going to be following this post with another one dedicated to several more much more speculative but also potentially huge ICO investment earners that you can also get in on if you’re feeling lucky and risky.

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